26th International Workshop

on Oxide Electronics

Kyoto, Japan

Sep. 29 – Oct. 2, 2019


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September 29 (Sun) 2019

17:30Registration at Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo
18:00Welcome Party at Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo

September 30 (Mon) 2019

8:00Departure of shuttle buses from Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo
8:45Registration at Obaku Plaza, ICR Kyoto University (Uji campus)
9:05Welcome and Opening Remarks
Transparent Conducting Oxides and Interfaces
Chair: Jean-Marc Triscone (University of Geneva)
Hideo Hosono (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Transparent Amorphous Oxide Semiconductors: materials, electronic structure and TFT application
9:45Jisung Park (Cornell University)
Fully Transparent Oxide Thin-Film Transistor with Record Current and On/Off Ratio
10:00Lambert Alff (TU Darmstadt)
Atomically controlled micrometer thick growth of SrMoO3: A highly conducting perovskite enabling agile and energy efficient all-oxide high frequency devices
10:15Hai Jun Cho (Hokkaido University)
Electron and heat transport properties of La-doped BaSnO3 epitaxial films
10:30Kookrin Char (Seoul National University)
Interface polarization as the origin for 2DEG at LaInO3/Ba1-xLaxSnO3 interface
10:45Coffee Break
Mechanical Control of Oxides
Chair: Hitoshi Tabata (University of Tokyo)
Ying-Hao Chu (National Chiao Tung University)
Mechanically Controllable Nonlinear Dielectrics
11:45Yuefeng Nie (Nanjing University)
Freestanding 2D Oxide Perovskites---A new playground for strongly correlated 2D phases
12:00Teruo Kanki (Osaka University)
Electrostatic force-driven conductivity modulation in single-crystal VO2-based 3D nano-bridge transistors
12:15Nicola Manca (Università degli Studi di Genova)
Reversible strain-tuning of crystalline oxide microstructures via hydrogen gas
12:30Lunch Break
13:45Poster Session A
Details below.
Nano-scale Ferroelectricity/Flexoelectricity
Chair: Charles Ahn (Yale University)
Beatriz Noheda (University of Groningen)
Multiferroic tunnel junctions with epitaxial Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 barriers
16:00Sung Min Park (CCES-IBS, Seoul National University)
Colossal flexoresistance in dielectrics
16:15Michel Viret (DRF/IRAMIS/SPEC CEA Saclay)
Chiral antiferromagnetic and electric orders at multiferroic domain walls in BiFeO3 thin films
16:30Dennis Christensen (Technical University of Denmark)
Breaking the symmetry in SrTiO3
16:45Fan Zhang (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Modulating the electrical transport in the two-dimensional electron gas at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures by interfacial flexoelectricity
Sang Mo Yang (Sookmyung Women's University)
Nanoscale ferroelectricity and flexoelectricity investigated by scanning probe microscopy

October 1 (Tue) 2019

8:00Departure of shuttle buses from Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo
8:45Registration at Obaku Plaza
Nano-scale Characterizations and Devices I
Chair: Masashi Kawasaki (University of Tokyo)
Shriram Ramanathan (Purdue University)
Complex oxides for brain sciences
9:45Shinobu Ohya (University of Tokyo)
Efficient bias-driven magnetic-field-free magnetization switching by orbital selection at a La0.67Sr0.33MnO3/SrTiO3 interface
Sayeef Salahuddin (University of California)
Negative Capacitance, Ultra-thin Ferroelectrics and Applications
10:30Coffee Break
Interfaces and Electric Field Induced Effects
Chair: Hidekazu Tanaka (Osaka University)
Chang-Beom Eom (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Isostructural metal-insulator transition in VO2
11:30Lim Zhi Shiuh (National University of Singapore)
Skyrmion-like Bubbles in a Charge-transfer Induced Ferrimagnetic Interface
11:45Takayuki Harada (Tohoku University)
PdCoO2/β-Ga2O3 polar interfaces for high-performance Schottky diodes
12:00Manuel Bibes (CNRS, Thales)
Electric-field control of spin current generation and detection in ferromagnet-free SrTiO3 -based nanodevices
Pu Yu (Tsinghua University)
Electric Field Control of Ionic Evolution within Complex Oxides
12:45Lunch Break
13:45Poster Session B
Details below.
Nano-scale Characterizations and Devices II
Chair: Tae Won Noh (Seoul National University)
Alexander McLeod and Dmitri Basov (Columbia University)
Nano-optical Phenomena in Transition Metal Oxides
16:00Margherita Boselli (DQMP, University of Geneva)
Imaging of the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface using the scanning near-field optical microscopy technique
16:15Marc-Andre Rose (IWE 2, RWTH Aachen)
In-situ spectroscopy of ionic and electronic charge transfer in oxide heterostructures
Koichiro Tanaka (Kyoto University)
Material Control and Novel Nonlinear Optics by Strong Terahertz Wave
19:00Banquet at Sodoh

October 2 (Wed) 2019

8:00Departure of shuttle buses from Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo
8:45Registration at Obaku Plaza
Heterostructures and Superlattices
Chair: Jobu Matsuno (Osaka University)
Jennifer Fowlie (University of Geneva)
Combining distinct rare earth nickelates in solid solutions and superlattices
9:45Steven J. May (Drexel University)
Depth-resolved modulation of metal-oxygen hybridization and orbital polarization across isovalent oxide interfaces
10:00Kenichi Kaminaga (Tohoku University)
Heteroepitaxy of rock-salt superconductor/ferromagnet thin films: LaO/EuO
10:15Prosper Ngabonziza (Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research)
In-situ Termination of Oxide Substrates
10:30Coffee Break
Spin-Orbit Interaction and Topological Properties
Chair: Daniele Marré (University of Genova)
Hidenori Takagi (Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research)
Exotic spin-orbital entangled phases in 5d and 4d transition metal oxides
11:30Giordano Mattoni (Kyoto University)
Imaging the current-driven metal-insulator transition in Ca2RuO4
11:45Stephen D. Albright (Yale University)
Development of a hybrid oxide-chalocogenide interface as a platform for topological devices
12:00Danfeng Li (Stanford University)
Comparing the Electronic Structure of Infinite-Layer Nickelates and Cuprates: Hybridization and Gap Structure
12:15Closing Remarks

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Poster Session A (13:45-15:30, September 30, 2019)

A1Hiroaki Nishikawa (Kindai University)
Process Improvement by the electrodes fabrication on transfer of epitaxial BaTiO3 thin film to flexible polymer sheet
A2Kazunori Nishio (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Reducing the interface resistance at positive electrode/current-collector in all-solid-state lithium batteries by inserting an interface dipole
A3Fatima Alarab (New technologies research center)
Controlling fundamental electronic interactions in SrTiO3 thin films by Ni doping
A4Sizhao Huang (University of Twente)
Thermal strain-enhanced piezoelectricity in perovskite oxides
A5Kohei Yoshimatsu (Tohoku University)
Superconductivity in higher titanates of γ-Ti3O5 and Ti4O7 films
A6Rajesh Mandal (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research)
Growth and investigation of ferroelectricity in artificial strain stabilized hexagonal TbMnO3 thin film
A7Changan Wang (Helmholtz-Zentrum-Dresden-Rossendorf)
Tunable disorder and localization in the rare-earth nickelates
A8Takeaki Yajima (The University of Tokyo)
New operation mode of VO2 Mott transistors for ultra-sharp ON/OFF switching
A9Marios Hadjimichael (University of Geneva)
Growth and characterisation of infinite-layer SrCuO2 thin films
A10Seung Gyo Jeong (Sungkyunkwan University)
Dimensional crossover in spin-ordered artificial oxide crystals
A11Yunzhong Chen (Technical Univerisy of Denmark)
Magnetically diluted oxide interfaces with tunable ground states
A13Takuto Soma (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Two-dimensional hole superconductivity in transparent Li1-xNbO2 epitaxial films
A14Shingo Maruyama (Tohoku University)
Pulsed laser deposition with rapid beam deflection
A15Wen-Yi Tong (Université de Liège)
Way to break silicon dimers: First-principles simulations for SrTiO3/Si interfaces
A16Jiaji Ma (New York University Shanghai and New York University)
Correlation-driven eightfold magnetic anisotropy in a two-dimensional ferromagnetic monolayer
A17Masaki Uchida (University of Tokyo)
Sr2RuO4 superconducting state as probed by film and junction experiments
A18Jegon Lee (Sungkyunkwan University)
Active depths for electrocatalytic activity of (La,Sr)MnO3 epitaxial thin films
A19Yue-Wen Fang (Kyoto University)
Electric-field switching of polar displacements in a newly predicted polar metal
A20Bernat Mundet (DQMP, Université de Genève)
Insights into the structural properties of NdNiO3/SmNiO3 superlattices
A21Makoto Minohara (AIST)
Improvement of the hole mobility of SnO epitaxial films grown by pulsed laser deposition
A22Shingo Genchi (Osaka University)
Growth and characterization of VO2 thin films on hexagonal boron nitride
A23Daisuke Shiga (Tohoku University)
Emergence of metallic monoclinic states of VO2 films induced by K deposition
A24Ryutaro Nishino (University of Tokyo)
Evolution of polarization in ultrathin PbTiO3 films as revealed by electric double layer gating
A25Daisuke Imazeki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Spontaneous formation of ionic conductors at the interfaces of electrolytes and electrodes in solid-state lithium batteries
A26Mahito Yamamoto (Osaka University)
Phase transition FETs based on two-dimensional WSe2 with VO2 contacts
A27Hyungki Shin (University of British Columbia)
Phase diagram of electron doped Eu1-xLaxTiO3
A28Atsushi Tsurumaki-Fukuchi (Hokkaido University)
Observation of field-Induced resistive phase transition in Ca2RuO4 thin films
A29Philipp Schutz (University of Wurzburg)
Dimensionality-driven metal-insulator-transition in spin-orbit coupled SrIrO3
A30Adrien Waelchli (University of Geneva)
Study of the interface between infinite-layer CaCuO2 and perovskite SrTiO3
A31Dip Das (Shiv Nadar University)
Identifying the defect states in amorphous titanium dioxide and their eminence in memory operation
A32Sangjae Lee (Yale University)
Coherent imaging of antiferromagnetic domain dynamics
A33Chong Liu (University of British Columbia)
The crystal structure and emergent electronic properties of epitaxial TiO thin films
A34Yangyang Li (Seoul National University)
Large strain-induced unconventional anomalous Hall effect in Nd2Ir2O7 epitaxial films
A35Mikk Lippmaa (University of Tokyo)
The electronic effect of Sr vacancies in SrTiO3
A36Ai Ikeda (NTT Basic Research Laboratories)
Interface-amplified electronic conduction in infinite-layer CaCuO2 grown by molecular beam epitaxy
A37Youjung Kim (Seoul National University)
Two-dimensional electron gas at LaInO3/BaSnO3 polar interface on MgO substrates
A38Fengmiao Li (The University of British Columbia)
Replica bands in monolayer FeSe on SrTiO3
A40Shintaro Fukuda (Tohoku University)
Dimensional control of electrical conduction mechanism in layered Srn+1VnO3n+1 (n = 1, 2) (001) epitaxial thin films
A41Hiroshi Naganuma (Tohoku University)
A continuous interfacial layer of a few unit cell thickness for multiferroic tunnel junctions
A42Koji Horiba (KEK-IMSS-PF)
Transmission soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy on transition metal oxide thin films for Li-ion battery
A43Shuxin Zhang (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Epitaxial stabilization of metastable β-MoO3 films for reversible Li-ion intercalation
A44Daichi Saito (Tohoku University)
Magnetization and magnetotransport Studies of rocksalt NdO epitaxial thin films with itinerant ferromagnetism
A45Miho Kitamura (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK))
Mechanism of charge transfer phenomena in perovskite-oxide interfaces
A46Lingfei Wang (Center for Correlated Electron Systems, Institute for Basic Science)
Tunable real- and reciprocal-space topological properties in SrRuO3 ultrathin films
A47Min Yen (National Chiao Tung University)
Giant resistance change of ZnO/muscovite heterostructure
A48Yu-Hong Lai (National Chiao Tung University)
Flexible bismuth ferrite heteroepitaxy
A49Claribel Domínguez Ordonez (University of Geneva)
Engineering electronic coupling of metal-insulator phases at SmNiO3/NdNiO3 interfaces
A50Patrick Reiner Salg (Institute of Materials Science, Technische Universität)
All-oxide varactors on Silicon
A51Yulin Gan (Technical University of Denmark)
Gate-tunable Rashba spin-orbit interaction and spin polarization at diluted oxide interfaces
A52Stefano Gariglio (DQMP, University of Geneva)
Orbital and magnetic orderings in LaVO3 thin films under epitaxial strain
A53Ryan L Roemer (University of British Columbia)
Superconducting FeSe monolayer on different oxide substrates
A54Qian Yang (Hokkaido University)
Anomalous thermopower behaviour of brownmillerite SrCoO2.5 epitaxial films
A55Yufan Shen (Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University)
Influence of growth conditions on structural and magnetic properties of the ferrimagnetic spinel NiCo2O4
A56Daichi Oka (Tohoku University)
Development of solution routes for functional oxide epitaxial thin films
A57Daisuke Kan (Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University)
Strain effect on thermoelectric properties of SrRuO3 epitaxial thin films
A58Christo Guguschev (Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung Gruppe Oxide/ Fluoride)
Single crystal growth and characterization of La1-xNdxSc1-yLuyO3 and Ba2ScNbO6 - lattice-matched substrates for BaSnO3 films and devices
A59Masaki Terabayashi (Tokyo University of Science)
Spin current detection at epitaxial oxide interfaces

Poster Session B (13:45-15:30, October 1, 2019)

B1Seonghyeon Kim (Seoul National University)
Stability of low conductance in lightly doped BaxLa1-xSnO3 thin films
B2Kei S. Takahashi (RIKEN CEMS)
Quantum oscillations of spin polarized electrons in EuTiO3
B3Yeaju Jang (Seoul National University)
ZnGa2O4 mobility and field effect transistors
B4Sang A Lee (Pukyong National University)
Tuning electrochemical activity of epitaxial CaRuO3 thin films
B5Jeong Rae Kim (CCES, IBS)
Room-temperature ferroelectricity in geometrically constrained CaTiO3
B6Seonghwan Kim (Seoul National University)
Effects of strain on the ferroelectric polarization switching of epitaxial PbZr0.7Ti0.3O3 thin films on (Ba1-xSrx)0.96La0.04SnO3 electrodes
B7Nicola Manca (Università degli studi di Genova)
Microresonators based on single-crystal (La,Sr)MnO3 thin films
B8Yukiko Obata (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Fermi surface in the three-dimensional Dirac fermion system Ca3Pb1-xBixO
B9Stefan Petzold (Technische Universität Darmstadt)
Grain boundary engineering in hafnia based resistive random access memory
B10Luca Pellegrino (CNR-SPIN)
Challenges for microactuators based on VO2
B11Ryu Yukawa (KEK)
Control of two-dimensional electron liquid states at anatase-TiO2 (001) surface by H-adsorption
B12Yu Cao (National University of Singapore)
Barium titanate optoelectronics
B14Azusa N. Hattori (Osaka University)
Verwey transition dynamics of Fe3O4 microwire driven by intense terahertz pulse
B15Daniel Pfützenreuter (Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung)
Influence of interface formation and doping on ferroelectric K0.5Na0.5NbO3 thin films grown by PLD
B16Bruce Andrew Davidson (University of British Columbia)
Using RHEED for precise in situ control of perovskite film stoichiometry and surface termination
B18Zhenping Wu (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)
Anomalous negative electroresistance and giant resistance modulation in epitaxial manganite/piezoelectric heterostructures
B19Han Gyeol Lee (IBS-CCES, Seoul National University)
Surface metal-insulator transition in SrRuO3 ultra-thin films triggered by surface termination conversion
B20Liming Chen (Nanjing University)
Strain-driven lattice distortion and magnetic properties of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/BaTiO3 superlattices
B21Enrique A. Miranda (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Modeling of the ramp rate effects on the conductance map of resistive switching devices
B22Yongda Chen (Nanjing University)
Spin-polarized two-dimensional electron gas at the SrCoO2.5-buffered LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface
B23Silvia Haindl (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
New types of iron-oxypnictide heterostructures and their interfaces
B25Jiyeon N. Lee (Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo)
Two-dimensional transport in LaTiO3 thin films embedded in SrTiO3
B26Julian Stoever (Leibniz-Institute for Crystal Growth)
Pulsed laser deposition of single-crystalline NbO2 and its electrical and optical properties
B27Amit Verma (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)
Electrically and optically switching vanadium dioxide thin films synthesized using low thermal budget atmospheric oxidation
B28Mikk Lippmaa (University of Tokyo)
Determining the structure of isolated noble metal dopant sites in SrTiO3 by x-ray fluorescence holography
B29Chunhai Yin (Leiden University)
Tuning Rashba spin-orbit coupling at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces by band filling
B30Ji Dianxiang (Nanjing University)
Atomic-scale observation of large lattice bending and ferroelectric phase transition in freestanding BiFeO3 films
B31Jaichan Lee (Sungkyunkwan University)
Electron-lattice coupling in electron-correlated oxide surface
B32Akira Ohtomo (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Electrochemical doping to early-transition-metal oxide superconductors
B33Yonggang Zhao (Tsinghua University)
Ferroelectricity and self-polarization in ultrathin relaxor ferroelectric films
B34Wei Niu (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications)
Electrolyte gate controlled metal-insulator transitions of the CaZrO3/SrTiO3 heterointerface
B35Takashi Yamanaka (Osaka University)
Discrete resistance changes in the NdNiO3 nanowire due to the nano-confinement effect
B36Yajun Zhang (University of Liege)
Revisiting the mechanism of strain engineering in NdNiO3 thin film from first-principles calculations
B37Xuefeng Wang (Nanjing University)
Ultrafast orbital-oriented control of magnetization in half-metallic La0.7Sr0.3MnO3
B38Thomas Tybell (NTNU-Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Degradation of PZT in humid ambient - an electrochemically controlled process
B39Hiroshi Naganuma (Tohoku University)
Structural determination for biaxial strain in epitaxial BiFeO3 films by transmis-sion electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction technique
B41Michael Sing (University of Wuerzburg)
Controlled epitaxial growth and oxygen excess doping of the Mott insulator LaTiO3
B42Hajime Hojo (Kyushu University)
Magnetization reversal by electric field at room temperature in BiFe0.9Co0.1O3 epitaxial thin film
B43Kei Shigematsu (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Strain-manipulation of magnetic anisotropy in room-temperature ferrimagnetic quadruple perovskite
B45Lide Yao (NanoSpin Aalto University School of Science)
Thermal control of oxygen vacancy ordering in La0.5Sr0.5CoO3 films
B46Nobuyuki Iwata (Nihon University)
Growth and exchange bias field behavior of ferromagnetic metals / (1-102) oriented Cr2O3 Multilayers on YAlO3(001) substrates
B47Zhen Huang (National University of Singapore)
Ultrahigh mobility electrons at the Sr2AlTaO6/SrTiO3 heterointerfaces with B-periodic quantum oscillations
B48Junxiong Hu (National University of Singapore)
Colossal magnetoresistances at strongly-coupled graphene/complex-oxide heterostructures
B50Hiroyasu Yamahara (University of Tokyo)
Flexoelectricity and magnetism in strain-gradient rare-earth iron garnet thin films
B51Sarker Md Shamim (The University of Tokyo)
Spin wave modulation by the topographical modification of the YIG surface
B52Abhijit Biswas (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research)
Anomalous magneto-thermal transport in ferromagnetic SrRuO3 thin films
B55James M Rondinelli (Northwestern University)
Electronic function by atomic design of heteroanionic oxyfluorides
B56Bommareddy Poojitha (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research)
Spin-phonon coupling in antiferromagnetic insulators: A Raman study
B57Chang Uk Jung (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)
ReRAM of Brownmillerite oxide: discovery and studies on switching mechanism

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